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"This is a really great book on creativity full of practical ideas."

Ed Schein, Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management.

“Its just possible we could be looking at one of those unexpected books which become huge bestsellers a la Prof Hawking’s A brief History of Time or Lynne Truss’ Eats, Shoots and Leaves....” To see the full article click here

Jenny Chapman, Cambridge Evening News, March 2009
"Anne’s experience has informed her new book, which offers lots of practical advice on getting your ideas and inventions heard... (she) is so full of enthusiasm that she makes anything seem possible." To see the full article click here
Karen Wilson, Newcastle Journal, March 2009

"A recent study of the 'Myth of the Mousetrap' suggests how (Obama and McCain) might be better able to get their ideas accepted...... The book primarily focuses on technological ideas and acceptance seeking processes. I commend it to technologists and inventors, but I want to locate my remarks around its relevance in the context of the Obama-McCain campaign....". To see the full article click here

Tudor Rickards. Professor of Creativity and Organisational Change. Manchester Business School. October 2008

"I love this book. I didn't realise it was going to be so interesting! It's very relevant to campaigning."

Andy Atkins, Executive Director, Friends of the Earth. September 2008

“The best book I’ve read in a long time!”

Richard Burkinshaw, European Environmental Strategy Manager, Kellogg’s. July 2008

"I liked the down to earth, practical, hands-on approach to getting ideas accepted that this book offers."

Chris Moore: Director, External Affairs, Kodak. July 2008

"Well written, interesting, imaginative and a mine of information"

Dr Meredith Belbin, Founder of Belbin, the home of team roles July 2008
"wise and original..." To see the full review, click here
Anthony Haynes of The Professional and Higher Partnership
writing for The Association of MBAs July 2008

"Intelligent, wise, insightful, well written, practical... damn good"

Graham Barker. Author of A Better Mousetrap: the business of invention. June 2008

"I enjoyed this book. Although it is written mainly with inventors in mind, its encouraging message is relevant to all creative people who need to sell their work in the 'marketplace', as it gives valuable insights into the mindsets of decision-makers, explaining why they may be resistant to new ideas, and showing ways in which such resistance may be overcome. Well worth reading."

Yvonne Jerrold, writer, UK
writing on Amazon

“Inventors need to know how to win friends and influence people. This book should help” says Andy Warren in Professional Engineering. “Her colourful anecdotes add humour and realism by sharing with the reader some of the mistakes even the biggest conglomerates made”

To download the full review, click here.

Andy Warren, Professional Engineering, 30 Jan 2008

"A well written and well-argued take on what it takes to be successful at being creative"

To download the full review,click here

Ivan Salcedo, NESTA Bulletin, Nov 2007

"This stimulating and highly readable book will be an enormous help to anyone developing and putting across new ideas. One can take a more relaxed attitude if one realises that resistance is quite normal, and that there are tried and tested ways of effective communication". To download the full review, click here.

David Lorimer, Journal of The Scientific and Medical Network

"Absolutely bloody brilliant! Sharp, absolutely to the point, well structured, accessible, humorous - it's got the lot. I loved all the stories and examples - very impressed with how widely you range through history to now and your own experience- and the way that it is packed full of ideas that can be used and applied. Also the way you start from your own experience and use your own stories (loved the bit about vacuuming your hair.) I learned a lot and it's made me think."

Rosemary Randall
Cambridge Carbon Footprint

" I almost missed this book. I've read a number of books on creativity and business and thought this was another one of those. But in fact it's not so much about creativity as implementation - how to actually do something with your ideas and put them into practice (innovation rather than invention, if you like). It's clearly written by someone with practical experience of this and, although the author's background is "techie", that didn't stop me (as very much a non-techie) finding it really thought-provoking and useful "

writing on Amazon

"Anne Miller has three important qualities that help make this such a valuable book. First she is both an experienced consultant in the field of creativity AND an accomplished inventor herself. Second, she is an excellent writer. And third, she tells excellent stories. So here we have a book packed full of ideas and important theory, all written in a clear and interesting way and illustrated with memorable and often fun stories. Having just taken an MBA course in creativity and innovation I have recently read quite a lot on the subject. But I can honestly say that for practical, everyday use this is the most useful source of information I have come across. In fact, I am using it large chunks to inform my work at the very moment! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to better understand the rocky road of turning ideas into reality. It is a challenging and exciting journey, and this book will open your eyes and help prepare you to confront the adventures on your way. "

M Smith
writing on Amazon

"I've really enjoyed this book. Its full of good insights and very relevant to my situation"

Peter M,
Serial Entrepreneur and innovator

"This book will be invaluable for those who want to get their ideas - especially novel ones - accepted."

Professor Brian D. Josephson,
Physics Nobel Laureate 1973

"Never one to be daunted by the size of the challenge, Anne Miller inspires us all - whatever our business or purpose - to think beyond our normal limits and to create and innovate for competitive advantage and sustainable futures."

Professor Dame Sandra Dawson,
Professor of Management Studies, Cambridge University

"This book is important and beautifully written. It offers a new, enjoyable, constructive and helpful approach to fulfilling your creative potential, encouraging a fresh vision for how your innovative ideas can make a difference in a practical way. If the principles proposed in this book were adopted by all, the world would be a better and kinder place."

Jeremy Waller,
Primavera Arts and Crafts